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I don’t really understand why everyone is making so much fuss about the Windows 8 desktop. Don’t get me wrong, it looks great on a PC and it looks even better on a phone, I love the tiled approach that

I started working at Firebrand Training in 2007 when the company was still called Training Camp. Taking over from an outgoing developer, I had to endure two mammoth interviews before starting work in their central London office. A blog post can’t

My ThinkPad T43p was on the way out, the XP/Fedora dual boot was slowly grinding to a halt and the cooling fan sounded like it was trying to take off, literally. What to do? I still liked the machine, the

I’m still trying to get my head round Microsoft’s crisitism of our comapny website this week. Yes, Microsoft. The comapny that revolutionised the web with Internet Explorer, the Firebrands that changed the face of search with Bing and bossed development

I’ve been working on a project over the last week that involves fairly heavy use of Stored Procedures. It’s not a new technology and we’re not that new to it either, it’s just that during the development cycle the logic

2008s project at work will be the next step in our re branding exercise, the development of an in house application to manage our content, otherwise known as a CMS. The technology will come courtesy of Microsoft’s .NET framework, that