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The Eclipse Desktop IDE is my development environment of choice, I’ve been using it for a number of years now and have come to rely on it exclusively for developing code. Whilst I know it has its critics, the PHP IDE project

This is the first time I have developed anything running on the Concrete5 Content Management System. The work was for a client of  Fanatic Design, an full service graphic design agency in Bristol. As a CMS I didn’t really get much

I don’t really understand why everyone is making so much fuss about the Windows 8 desktop. Don’t get me wrong, it looks great on a PC and it looks even better on a phone, I love the tiled approach that

My ThinkPad T43p was on the way out, the XP/Fedora dual boot was slowly grinding to a halt and the cooling fan sounded like it was trying to take off, literally. What to do? I still liked the machine, the

Amid much fanfare Firefox 4 was released today. I watched and listened to the event live on the web, and heard the download count increase in its hundreds of thousands to whooping and applause. It sounds boring, a load of

As the spring sun shone through our office window this morning I came across a couple of great things online that made the already great day even better. The first is an online code editing app from Mozilla Labs called

We had a BBQ this weekend, and it was while we listened to the football online that a friend of mine mentioned that Firefox is now the best browser available for the Mac. As everyone knows, Mac users can be

These images were created using 3d Studio Max during the second year at college. Most of all they demonstrate the reflection, refraction, lathing and materials functions of the software. These examples are fairly basic, to be really good at 3D