Firefox for the Mac?

We had a BBQ this weekend, and it was while we listened to the football online that a friend of mine mentioned that Firefox is now the best browser available for the Mac. As everyone knows, Mac users can be like old women when it comes to what they run on those nice looking machines they lug around Shoreditch. So it came as quite a surprise to hear that they where sharing the same enlightenment as their dirty PC using inferiors.

With Apple now turning to Intel for their chipset, and in doing so allowing Windows to run alongside their own operating system, Mac – PC convergence could be coming a whole lot more familiar in the future. I think this process will be helped along by the arrival of Web 2.0, with its clean Mac like interfaces, functionality and adherence to web standards.

This is good news for everyone, and a welcome move forward from the ‘Us and them’ of the past decade.