The end of the road for Microsoft Windows and myself

The end of the road for Microsoft Windows and myself could be in sight, just. I’ve been banging keyboards for years, swearing and becoming increasingly frustrated by the Windows experience.

For despite what the misleading adverts might suggest, the whole package is an unnecessarily bloated afterthought that makes for a clunky and tiresome encounter. If it’s not popping warning balloons up, it’s trying to download some security update or bloody instant message centre with pictures on it. There seems to be little distinction between a teenage bedroom and a professional environment.

In short, it’s simply not good enough.

So I’m turning to Linux for some salvation, and with some generous help from the forums and Paul in I.T. I’ve managed to load an old laptop with Fedora Core 5. First reactions are extremely positive. It’s fast, uncluttered and supported by quite literally millions of users the world over. For me however, it’s the nature of the open source software community that appeals. The idea that there can be a viable alternative that is a superior product based on functionality, rather than profit.

I switched from Mac OS to Windows after moving on from the music industry to web development in the late 90s.What’s most surprising, is that it’s taken me six years to finally jack it in and join the millions of other Linux users out there.