The 2012 logo, I like it

Okay, the 2012 logo, I like it.

All too often with these things we end up with a fairly predictable corporate logo that looks like something that fronts a local council recycling initiative.

12_OG_Logo_360What we have been presented with is a fresh and vibrant image that is both challenging and unashamedly stylish, which is essentially what London is all about. But as Wolff Olins – quite rightly point out, it’s not just about the capital, which is why we haven’t got any tedious silhouettes of the London skyline or dodgy Tube map metaphors. All that’s been done before, and the competition to create an alternative logo demonstrates just how conservative design can be.

So the tabloids are up in arms? So what? Surely that just goes to show how forward thinking we’re being on this, and in breaking with convention showing how liberal we are as a city – Like it or not, London is a Labour Party city. If it was left to the Daily Mail we’d have something designed by a nine year old called Elizabeth from a Putney primary School, and if it was left to The Sun we’d have a picture of Zara Phillips in Union Jack knickers on Page 3.

Despite turning into a load of fat bastards, we love sport in this country, and as a tribute to that we’re challenging preconceived ideas as part of our well proven creative track record.

We’re great, and you know it!