Mozilla Labs Bespin and Personas

As the spring sun shone through our office window this morning I came across a couple of great things online that made the already great day even better.

The first is an online code editing app from Mozilla Labs called Bespin (Bespin video). Although only in Alpha at the time of going to press its potential is already mind blowing, a fully functioning browser based coding environment that keeps your file in the cloud. Fantastic. There’s more, included is a dashboard style file manager and command line functionality. The whole thing is put together with JavaScript using the HTML 5 Canvas Element and makes for an intuitive work area that I’m sure will at some stage offer some sort of CVS.

The second item from today is the discovery of Personas, which is also from Mozilla Labs. Essentially it’s a plug-in for the Firefox browser that allows users to skin their browser in a variety of different patterns and themes. It’s all in real time so as you navigate down the list the whole browser changes before your very eyes. Okay, it offers no additional functionality, but it does look good, great in fact.

On the same lovely morning someone sent me a link regarding an extension to Microsoft’s Expression web environment that checks your web layout in IE 6,7 and 8. So is this an admission from Microsoft that their browsers are incompatible with each other? Or just an acknowledgement that their browsing capability is a badly organised, over funded river of shit that simply does not work properly.

Redmond, you are a long way behind.