Broadband speed not what it’s cracked up to be

So we get broadband installed with our new Sky package and it’s advertised at a fairly respectable 20 Mbps. Start the machine up and everything connects fine, the wireless password works and the router is doing the business, wicked.

Or is it?

A speed check revealed a paltry 3Mbps, I couldn’t hide my disapointment.

Is there any point ringing customer services? Probably not, the 20 Mbps advertised is probably a best case scenario for a user living at the exchange browsing at 3am, for everyone else, which means most customers, the actual speed still only provides for an adequate browsing experience.

The capability of the Web is flying forward at brake neck pace whilst the media we are consuming is getting heavier by the day. It’s at this point that I make a profound comment about the direction of the web and the infrastructure that supports it, but there’s not really much point.

Sky are no different from HSBC, they know we don’t have the time to complain, especially when they know that we know that nothing will change. No?