WordPress 3.1

I’ve been using WordPress to blog in various places for a number of years now, but it’s only recently that it’s started to live up to what it should have been. WordPress seems to be converging at point where all web appsĀ  have aimed, almost like it’s stepping up to the mark.

I was fairly slack with upgrading and ended up using an ancient version that didn’t even support the one click upgrade that comes with this one, so I ended up reinstalling the whole thing. No trouble at all, just the usual fiddling around with phpMyAdmin (Needs are a must with that one!).

The changes where nothing short of incredible, in the space of a couple of years the entire package had gone from a database update tool to a proper content publishing package. All the frustrations I had with the old versions and their issues with formatting content had been resolved and improved beyond recognition.

It’s awesome, and I’m a huge fan.