One click upgrade to WordPress 3.1.1

One of the most attractive aspects for WordPress has to be the method of upgrade. A simple message appears on the dashboard in the manner of desktop software and you’re one click away from all the latest goodies. For me, this is the point where on-line apps take over from applications confined to the desktop. All the processes are seamless, and most importantly are tested thoroughly before release – to the point that end users can action a single command and watch the magic.

WordPressIt does recommend a backup prior to upgrade but as my install isn’t mission critical I didn’t bother, the upgrade took about 20 seconds. The beauty of this blog entry is that I don’t even know what’s new in 3.1.1! Does it matter? Not really, just as long as it’s a simple process.

I’m considering moving some of our CMS editing at work over to the WordPress platform, the WYSIWYG editor works so well, especially the more recent versions, and entering content has been a stumbling block for our users for years. At the moment they’re writing the HTML tags themselves when inputting content, the upside is that the mark-up is quite clean, but the downside is that content people don’t want to get involved with mark-up (fair enough). If I can get the WordPress install working on IIS then we could have an awesome solution.