Critisim from Microsoft

All the gear, no idea!I’m still trying to get my head round Microsoft’s crisitism of our comapny website this week. Yes, Microsoft. The comapny that revolutionised the web with Internet Explorer, the Firebrands that changed the face of search with Bing and bossed development with Silverlight (Remember that?).

Don’t get me wrong, there’s loads about Microsoft that I can’t get enough of. Bill Gates, the PC, Windows, .NET, Windows Server and T-SQL. Love it all. However I can’t help feeling that Microsoft are still playing catch up with the Web and Internet, it’s like a loveable friend with too much money that gets into the same sport as you. All the gear, no idea!

It’s slightly diffrent with Google of course. All they’ve got to do is sneeze and we all start clapping and coding with a sense of blind panic like the worlds going to end, which in a way it could!

That said, the loveable friend with no idea is still a friend and needs to be humoured like everybody else, we wouldn’t want him going home and taking his ball with him would we?