HTML 5 Semantics for my Blogs

I’ve been holding off from this for a while, there hasn’t been much need to start using HTML 5 on my blogs other than personal interest, but now I have a bit of time on my hands it’s been great to get stuck in.

I’m only using section elements at the moment but already it’s made my markup far more semantic and logical. The reasoning behind this revision of the HTML standard is plain to see, the Document Object Model now becomes fundamental to the layout of a page rather than an after thought.

There’s issues with IE8 that I new about before starting the project, there are some hacks to get round it but I’ve yet to find one that works satisfactorily. There is an argument that suggests why bother, the browser in question is only used by 9% of my viewers and that figure is only going to continue to drop.

HTML5 Powered with Semantics