Resurrecting an old PHP CMS Project

This is something I’ve been meaning to do for a while now. Resurrecting an old PHP CMS Project that I built back in 2006. I had great fun building this initially so thought it would be a good little project to breath some life back into, even if it’s just to look at how I did things back then.

At the time it served two purposes, building a website and CMS for a friends football team whilst at the same time being a great introduction to PHP for myself.

The only issue is that I can’t locate the MySQL database that was the back-end,  the project got sidelined back in 2008 and at some point I’ve dispensed with the database during a cleanup. Nice.  This means that there is no data to populate the application with and no means to add new data either!

So at the moment it’s just a github repository. Some of the front end work may look a little shonky, but that’s to be expected with the speed at the way our working practices are changing.