Fun and games with the Google Adwords API

So I’m trying to put together a little app/program using the Google Adwords API. The idea is that some of the work associated with managing keywords within Ad Groups can be automated, freeing up valuable marketing time to be spent watching hilarious videos on YouTube.

My Google Ad

I spent most of the day playing around creating my own Adwords account, linking it through to Analytics and controlling things with My Client Center. I managed to get my own advert appearing in Google search results for the term “Alan Coleman”, Why? No other reason other than I thought it might be cool, although it’s not really is it?

Following some tutorials I spent an hour or so trying to make a SOAP Request to the Adwords Sandbox at, only to discover that this method of testing was sunset about a month ago, with the scale of Google’s documentation it’s always going to take a while to get to grips with what really happening.

Anyway, to work with the Adwords API you’ll need an Adwords account controlled by a My Client Center, a Developer Token (Pending Approval is okay), oh and Debit Card.

Google explain things better than me. See below.