Another new theme for

Back in November I redesigned the theme for my personal WordPress blog at, and I called it Charcoal and Vanilla. It was a fairly quick piece if work and I was reasonably happy with the outcome, it’s a┬ápersonal┬áblog afterall, not the end of the world.

Grey and Burnt Orange WordPress theme

From the start it just didn’t sit right. The CSS3 gradients would double up, they looked odd depending on the browser / platform configuration and I wasn’t happy with the page load speed. Okay, I could have fixed these snagging issues with some time and effort but a blog is more about content than presentation, yes design is important but I didn’t want to lose sight of why I do this. Fun.

So I went for a simpler approach with a new grey and Burnt Orange affair. Stripped back, all the layers and gradients have gone leaving a much cleaner interface. It loads quicker due to the lack of background images and it generally looks a lot more up to date.

Great fun and only a couple of hours work.