All over Pinterest

A few years ago I stumbled across a website called ffffound. An app style site dedicated to saving images that could be viewed in one place, essentially a book marker that was slightly ahead of its time. Everything on ffffound borders pretentious, with a slight bend towards graphic design all the content screams unashamed cool.


I liked it straight away, loads of fantastic imagery posted by people who seem to just know what looked good, almost certainly graphic designers in Soho loft offices with high tension wires and super hero bean bags.

There’s one issue ffffound, it’s members only.

At first I thought this exclusivity was a little odd, even if a little arrogant, but you’ve only got to look around the web for more than a few minutes to see what happens to anything that is open to all, social media is a prime example. It’s because of this that I can understand their reasons for keeping the door closed, what may have started out with best intentions will almost certainly end up being ruined by developers like myself posting Star Wars memorabilia.

So along comes Pinterest, described as a pin board style photo sharing website it allows users to create categories for pictorial content found on the web. From the front page you’d be forgiven for thinking that only women use this app to post pictures of shoes, handbags and cakes, not that there’s anything wrong with that but your own kind material will probably be hidden beneath the surface.

The reason I mentioned ffffound earlier is that there’s a whole design category on Pinterest and it’s free to use without advertising (for the moment).

This post is of course years out of date, Pinterest is nothing new, I’m just enjoying using it. And what better reason to use the Pinterest embed feature than to include a picture of Beauty-naut on my blog.