IPL Acoustics M1TLm Ribbon Transmission Line speaker project – Part 2

So I now have the basic shape of the cabinet, which is just a box at the moment. The hot glue blocks where removed with a chisel and mallet, I know others left them in on similar projects but I wanted to keep the inside clean from obstructions when adding the damping foam. I have faith in the PVA constrcution method, the stuff I glued together in woodwork at school in the late 80s is still holding together so I must have done something right.

Once all the main panels were glued into place I added the braces. This process can be a little fiddly as the parts that make the transmission line aren’t all parallel, meaning the braces have to be carefully cut to size. It’s an important part of the construction and the instructions note that they are essential for damping panel resonances.

Next came the damping foam, again this can be a little fiddly but once started it’s all done in an afternoon. I was amazed at how much hot glue I got through getting to this stage, packets of the stuff!

It all seems a little simplistic explaining the process here as just moving the units around from one work area to the next took more effort than I thought it would.

To finish this stage the sides of the cabinets were added to compete the enclosure. I used the workmate with some Irwin clamps and some weight to keep everything in position while the glue went off.

Speaker project build process