IPL Acoustics M1TLm Ribbon Transmission Line speaker project – Part 4

My concerns about not managing this part of the project proved to be unfounded. Although it’s been over a decade since I’d done any soldering the construction of the crossovers was relatively painless. The instructions gave a visual representation of the circuitry which is useful, if like me you don’t have much experience with electronics. However a circuit diagram might have been a nice touch and given a better idea as to how the circuitry works, especially to those from an electronics bent.

The crossover components are mounted breadboard style onto the back of connector panel with hot glue. This approach prevents any issues with circuit board vibration and also makes soldering easy. Firing up the soldering iron for the first time since the 90s took me back to one of my first jobs, which involved soldering 52 pin SCSI plugs for 1Gb Apple Mac drives, happy days!

Speaker project build process