Arizona Cardinals logo


The Arizona Cardinals Logo. Mean and fit for purpose.

Mandy arrived back from her business trip to Arizona this week and I bagged a nice selection of gifts, including an awesome Arizona Cardinals hooded top.

Apart from briefly supporting the Miami Dolphins in the 80s when it was all the rage at school, I’ve only ever watched the occasional NFL game. There’s not much NFL free to view on UK TV and Mandy will only put up with so much posturing and high fiving in one afternoon.

So my new hoodie, it’s got a fantastic logo on the front. I must have seen the Northern Cardinal logo before but have never really taken it in.

It’s aggressive, fast looking and not without a sense of humour. Its simple colours and perfectly curved lines make for a pleasing design that looks good on any product.


The logo hasn’t always been like this, prior to 2004 many fans complained that it looked like a Parakeet, I also think it looked like it’d taken a bit of a beating, which probably isn’t really the look one is hoping to achieve in an arena of testosterone and physical violence.
Anyway, I’ve tried to do some research into who designed this logo but as far have come up short.