Eclipse Update. Kepler to Mars

The Eclipse Desktop IDE is my development environment of choice, I’ve been using it for a number of years now and have come to rely on it exclusively for developing code.

eclipse-800x188Whilst I know it has its critics, the PHP IDE project  that produces the PHP Development Tools (PDT), has become an invaluable development tool that is central to my daily working life. Add the EGit Eclipse Team provider for the Git version control system and for me at least, things couldn’t really get any better.

So with everything working fine (if a little slow sometimes) on my Kepler install I was a little nervous about a wholesale upgrade. I needn’t have worried or left it so long as the Eclipse Installer had it covered.

desktop-ide-screenshotStarting by installing the Eclipse Installer Executable I was able to run both versions, Kepler and Mars side by side. Preferences can be exported from the old and imported into the new in a simple procedure.

Perspectives can’t be managed in the same way although if you’re only using a few like me they can easily be recreated as the versions can sit side by side.

All my Git repositories appeared with the minimum of fuss and the whole process took no longer than an hour. Happy days.