Installing Posh Git

Whilst there are loads of GUI tools available to use Git on the desktop, using Git in the PowerShell will always be the preferred method for a lot of developers like myself. Posh Git extends the offering from the basic git install with a variety of of scripts as well as auto complete and current branch state.

After using it for years I had to research how to install Posh Git again after the IT guys at my firm rebuilt my machine, so this post is really for future reference.

Posh Git is available from Git Hub and also the PowerShell Gallery, installation instructions are in the README and also here:

# (A) You've never installed posh-git from the PowerShell Gallery
PowerShellGet\Install-Module posh-git -Scope CurrentUser -Force

# (B) You've already installed a previous version of posh-git from the PowerShell Gallery
PowerShellGet\Update-Module posh-git