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Cloud based Photoshop model is a winner

5 August, 2014

So I work for myself, from home. Amoungst other thing this means that I have to both source and administer my own hardware and software setup. More importantly, it means that I have to pay for it, that and everything else from … Continue reading

PHP PIN Generator

24 July, 2014

I’d forgotten all about this little mini project. This was put together as an assessment for a development contract back in August last year. The code can be found here on GitHub.  https://github.com/Boomfelled/PHP-PIN-Number-generator A live working version can be found … Continue reading


22 July, 2014

I’ve been working on this application for over a year. It’s another one that’s constantly evolving to keep up with business needs, and with this project in particular – changes to the API on which it uses as its core. … Continue reading

ThinkPads are for Space, not Starbucks.

8 May, 2014

I love my ThinkPads, always have done. The sleek, black, hard matte rubber exterior is a design classic and has the strange futuristic feel of quality and purpose. Open the lid and the attention to detail, ergonomics and technology scream … Continue reading

Hello Linode

10 April, 2014

With the demise of the TextDrive Lifetime hosting accounts I needed a new home for my blogs and applications. On the forums a few people had mentioned Linode as a new home for my digital stuff, their site looked like … Continue reading

Goodbye TextDrive

19 March, 2014

The end of the road for TextDrive has been on the cards for a number of months. Tickets have gone unanswered, Dean Allen, the saviour of all things TD has been AWOL since the split from Joyent and the entire infrastructure … Continue reading

Realise Learning

29 September, 2013

This was a simple WordPress theme build, The design came courtesy of Roger Hetherington, a London based graphics creative friend of mine. I took the Photoshop file, cut it up into its various elements and had things up and running fairly quickly. There’s … Continue reading

Google fonts

12 June, 2013

Back in the day, developers and designers used to use images to create titles and menus for websites. It was a standard part of the cycle, crack open Photoshop or Illustrator, play around with as many fonts as you have … Continue reading

Foundation 4 front end framework

9 May, 2013

Front end frameworks have been around for a while now and a quick search will return a myriad of different examples, all of which seem to offer very similar advantages to both developer and end user. I played around with … Continue reading

All over Pinterest

26 February, 2013

A few years ago I stumbled across a website called ffffound. An app style site dedicated to saving images that could be viewed in one place, essentially a book marker that was slightly ahead of its time. Everything on ffffound … Continue reading

Another new theme for alancoleman.com

11 February, 2013

Back in November I redesigned the theme for my personal WordPress blog at www.alancoleman.com, and I called it Charcoal and Vanilla. It was a fairly quick piece if work and I was reasonably happy with the outcome, it’s a personal blog afterall, … Continue reading

Does the desktop really matter?

30 January, 2013

I don’t really understand why everyone is making so much fuss about the Windows 8 desktop. Don’t get me wrong, it looks great on a PC and it looks even better on a phone, I love the tiled approach that … Continue reading

Fun and games with the Google Adwords API

25 January, 2013

So I’m trying to put together a little app/program using the Google Adwords API. The idea is that some of the work associated with managing keywords within Ad Groups can be automated, freeing up valuable marketing time to be spent … Continue reading

New Year Server Migration

13 January, 2013

Here’s a bit of fun for the New Year, migrating my professional and personal blogs over to a new Server. Back in the early 2000s  a small startup called TextDrive appeared online offering lifetime hosting for $200, lifetime being as … Continue reading

Firebrand Training

30 December, 2012

I started working at Firebrand Training in 2007 when the company was still called Training Camp. Taking over from an outgoing developer, I had to endure two mammoth interviews before starting work in their central London office. A blog post can’t … Continue reading

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