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I’m Alan Coleman, a Full Stack Software and DevOps Engineer based in the UK.

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This one caught me out whilst importing an already existing Azure App Service plan into Terraform state.

ID was missing the serverfarms elementTerraform

It wasn’t until I actually read through the error shown below that I realised the answer was staring me in the face! The azure_service_plan import command published in the Terraform documentation uses an upper case F in serverFarms, meaning that the serverfarms element isn’t actually included.

So just change serverFarms to serverfarms.

C:\development\terraform\prog [main ≡]> terraform import azurerm_service_plan.asp-hub-prog-dev-uks /subscriptions/12345678-1234-9876-4563-123456789012/resourceGroups/rg-hub-prog-dev-uks/providers/Microsoft.Web/serverFarms/asp-hub-prog-dev-uks

Error: parsing Resource ID "/subscriptions/12345678-1234-9876-4563-123456789012/resourceGroups/rg-hub-prog-dev-uks/providers/Microsoft.Web/serverFarms/asp-hub-prog-dev-uks": ID was missing the `serverfarms` element