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The Eclipse Desktop IDE is my development environment of choice, I’ve been using it for a number of years now and have come to rely on it exclusively for developing code. Whilst I know it has its critics, the PHP IDE project

I spent most of the 90s travelling around the country Using British Rail, I remember well the day it was privatised in 1996. The pervasive British Rail livery that I’d become so attached to disappeared overnight, replaced with a plethora or

I’ve been working with Theatre Sites for several months on a fairly complex ticket booking system that has presented a number of technical challenges. The finished product will likely power ticket selection and purchase for thousands of shows in Theatres across the country.

This is the first time I have developed anything running on the Concrete5 Content Management System. The work was for a client of  Fanatic Design, an full service graphic design agency in Bristol. As a CMS I didn’t really get much

This is a web presence that I built from scratch for the Supported Options Initiative, an initiative of the Paul Hamlyn Foundation. Supporting innovation in helping young people with irregular immigration status to live full lives The web site is a

Mandy arrived back from her business trip to Arizona this week and I bagged a nice selection of gifts, including an awesome Arizona Cardinals hooded top. Apart from briefly supporting the Miami Dolphins in the 80s when it was all

I’ve been working on a Google AdWords project since 2012. It’s another one that’s constantly evolving to keep up with business needs, and with this project in particular – changes to the API on which it uses as its core.

With the demise of the TextDrive Lifetime hosting accounts I needed a new home for my blogs and applications. On the forums a few people had mentioned Linode as a new home for my digital stuff, their site looked like

The end of the road for TextDrive has been on the cards for a number of months. Tickets have gone unanswered, Dean Allen, the saviour of all things TD has been AWOL since the split from Joyent and the entire infrastructure

This was a simple WordPress theme build, The design came courtesy of Roger Hetherington, a London based graphics creative friend of mine. I took the Photoshop file, cut it up into its various elements and had things up and running fairly quickly. There’s