CMS for the New Year

Hello everyone, and a happy New Year to you all. This year starts quite busy for me, as a flip side to the inconvenience of a full time development job, I’ve a load of great sideline projects to be getting on with. Stuff the latest celebrity show on the shit pump, the real winters entertainment for the dark evenings involves playing around with PHP on a local server, great fun.

I’ve been looking for an open source CMS (Content Management System) for a friends football club website for ages, but everything was either too vague or complicated. So in the end I’ve decided to make my own CMS, which will be a simple but functional. I anticipate it to be a few weeks worth of evenings, with the News section almost there. After the News I’ll be moving onto Fixtures, then Match Reports and finally Teams.

So I get to play around building the CMS, and Arron, the First team manager, gets to spend more time on the touchline screaming at people (probably whilst making a circular motion with one hand, and holding four fingers up on the other). Which he’d much rather be doing than arsing around with HTML and FTP.

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