Akitika GT-102. First Impressions

Back in 2015 I built a pair of floor standing speakers from a kit. It was a project that I enjoyed immensely and gave me a great sense of satisfaction. I documented the build in stages and got quite a bit of interest from others also thinking about, or already in the process of a build.

I had the speaker project in mind when thinking about upgrading the amplification of my HiFi set up as I’ve been interested in moving to a power amp for a few years now. I’m currently running a low end Cambridge Audio integrated amp that I purchased from Richer Sounds in Holborn about 15 years ago. It’s performed admirably and I’ve had no problem with it, however it’s time for an upgrade.

Kit wise, there’s doesn’t seem to be a lot available online, with most searches for returning module or small board kits rather than a full stand alone HiFi unit. The Akitika website did seem to hit the nail on the head though, and Daniel Joffe was more than happy to help by answering all questions about the Akitika GT-102 Stereo Power Amplifier by email promptly.

What’s in the box?

Once the customs payments had been sorted out the GT-102 arrived, all the way from Owens Cross Roads, Alabama in the US.

All of the components have a feeling of quality and refinement.

The packaging has a very professional feel to it, with a good solid box and plenty of foam protection that is fit for purpose. This approach means that the box and packaging can be kept for transportation once the unit is complete. I opted for the printed instruction manual that is full colour and has a heavy, quality feel to it. The manual is also up to date, being revised in January of this year.

The GT-102 is reassuringly well packed

Everything is clearly labelled and packed separately for different stages of the project. All of the components have a feeling of quality and refinement. Not that I’m a PCB expert, but the boards are thick, well made, clearly laid out and with no signs of imperfections. The amplifier housing is well finished and looks fantastic.

I can’t wait to get started.