IPL Acoustics M1TLm Ribbon Transmission Line speaker project – Part 1

I ordered the M1TLm Ribbon transmission line speakers from IPL Acoustics in Ilfracome last spring and they’ve been cluttering up the front room since then. What with one thing or another I didn’t manage to get started on them last year, but the recent weather has provided a great opportunity to get stuck in. So here goes.

I followed the instructions and used a combination of PVA and hot glue on 20mm wooden blocks to assemble the perfectly cut MDF pieces. The blocks and hot glue hold the MDF pieces together while the PVA is setting.

It’s not a difficult process, I used a workmate and some Irwin clamps to get things spot on and had both cabinets well under way in a few hours. I found the hot glue set really quickly so had to be really careful with lining things up before adding the block and glue. Note here that I used 20mm blocks to assemble the cabinet which I’ll be chiselling out at a later stage in the construction.

Looking around on the web I noticed other builds using screws as well as PVA as part of the cabinet construction.  I waited until after the PVA was dry before deciding whether or not to do this, in the end I chose not to as the cabinets had a very solid feel about them.

So far so good, the instructions are comprehensive and the quality and tolerance of the kit parts are outstanding.

Speaker project build process