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This is the first time I have developed anything running on the Concrete5 Content Management System. The work was for a client of  Fanatic Design, an full service graphic design agency in Bristol. As a CMS I didn’t really get much

This is a web presence that I built from scratch for the Supported Options Initiative, an initiative of the Paul Hamlyn Foundation. Supporting innovation in helping young people with irregular immigration status to live full lives The web site is a

I’ve been working on a Google AdWords project since 2012. It’s another one that’s constantly evolving to keep up with business needs, and with this project in particular – changes to the API on which it uses as its core.

This was a simple WordPress theme build, The design came courtesy of Roger Hetherington, a London based graphics creative friend of mine. I took the Photoshop file, cut it up into its various elements and had things up and running fairly quickly. There’s

I started working at Firebrand Training in 2007 when the company was still called Training Camp. Taking over from an outgoing developer, I had to endure two mammoth interviews before starting work in their central London office. A blog post can’t

Fantasista is the latest project I’ve been involved with: Fantasista – The Art of the Number 10. Fantasista 2013, is a celebration of contemporary football art inspired by the rapid rise of the ‘football artist’ in the digital age. Over

I found these screen dumps last week whilst trying to free up some space on the old Think Pad. I used a combination of Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator to create the graphics, I can’t remember which versions but almost certainly

Now owned by Investis, Hemscott IR is a market-leading provider of online investor relations and corporate communications solutions. I worked at Hemscott Investor Relations for a year after I left Espresso Education. Coming from a more design based role, this was

I finished working as a web developer at Espresso Education in May 2006. We provided media rich teaching resources and student activities that are as robust as they are engaging. The content is delivered to a cached server within each is a database driven site providing a travel agency style flight booking facility. It uses Active Server Pages to query and update a database. The design is based around a simple colour and logo scheme that is implemented using

I built this interface to function as the front end of an information kiosk at Anglia Polytechnic University. It uses Visual Basic for functionality while the content comes courtesy of a small database. The maps were built in 3D Studio

This is a multimedia example designed for a college module called Communication Models. Built in Flash, the final movie runs as a full screen SWF file intended for a 1024 x 768 screen resolution. Photoshop was used to manipulate and

This textbased example uses a simple looking navigation model to present an educational / reference web site. There are some CSS and Layer problems preventing it from displaying properly on Macs, also due to this being some of my earliest