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I spent most of the 90s travelling around the country Using British Rail, I remember well the day it was privatised in 1996. The pervasive British Rail livery that I’d become so attached to disappeared overnight, replaced with a plethora or

This is a web presence that I built from scratch for the Supported Options Initiative, an initiative of the Paul Hamlyn Foundation. Supporting innovation in helping young people with irregular immigration status to live full lives The web site is a

Mandy arrived back from her business trip to Arizona this week and I bagged a nice selection of gifts, including an awesome Arizona Cardinals hooded top. Apart from briefly supporting the Miami Dolphins in the 80s when it was all

Back in the day, developers and designers used to use images to create titles and menus for websites. It was a standard part of the cycle, crack open Photoshop or Illustrator, play around with as many fonts as you have

Front end frameworks have been around for a while now and a quick search will return a myriad of different examples, all of which seem to offer very similar advantages to both developer and end user. I played around with

A few years ago I stumbled across a website called ffffound. An app style site dedicated to saving images that could be viewed in one place, essentially a book marker that was slightly ahead of its time. Everything on ffffound

Back in November I redesigned the theme for my personal WordPress blog at, and I called it Charcoal and Vanilla. It was a fairly quick piece if work and I was reasonably happy with the outcome, it’s a personal blog afterall,

I started working at Firebrand Training in 2007 when the company was still called Training Camp. Taking over from an outgoing developer, I had to endure two mammoth interviews before starting work in their central London office. A blog post can’t

I’ve updated, my personal blog and webspace, with a new WordPress theme. I’m calling it Charcoal and Vanilla. The theme is based on the WordPress default Twenty Eleven theme. I’ve always found this a good place to start when

Fantasista is the latest project I’ve been involved with: Fantasista – The Art of the Number 10. Fantasista 2013, is a celebration of contemporary football art inspired by the rapid rise of the ‘football artist’ in the digital age. Over

Here’s how simple responsive design can be. I wanted the website you’re looking at to change shape depending on the viewable area within the browser. It’s a fairly fluid design, the main issue being the </aside> element to the right of the

I found these screen dumps last week whilst trying to free up some space on the old Think Pad. I used a combination of Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator to create the graphics, I can’t remember which versions but almost certainly

The 5oth anniversary of Yuri Gagarin’s journey into space seemed like an appropriate time to talk about Russian graphic design I’ve always liked the simplicity of Russian design. The heroics of the people, the sweeping blocks of colour and style.

I think I’m okay when it comes to technology, not like a geeky genius or anything, but able to have at least a limited grasp of how digital devices work and interact with each other. There are times however when

Okay, the 2012 logo, I like it. All too often with these things we end up with a fairly predictable corporate logo that looks like something that fronts a local council recycling initiative. What we have been presented with is

A colleague at work sent me this link, it’s to a great site called Modern Life is Rubbish (No longer available 07/06/14). This particular article is entitled 8 Web Design Clichés of 2006 and is about web design clichés of

I finished working as a web developer at Espresso Education in May 2006. We provided media rich teaching resources and student activities that are as robust as they are engaging. The content is delivered to a cached server within each

This was the final project for a graphic design course I did in the evenings at Central Saint Martins last year. It is a modern take on the classic design of the London Underground map by Harry Beck in the

I designed this logo as the basis of an identity for a new online store, I liked the idea of all the letters being formed from the same shape, thus giving the impression of something created by a machine

A corporate website designed for the Control Circle group. It serves as a constantly updating news source, community area and PDF download facility. The front screen is built in HTML with an embedded Flash object, this uses ActionScript to produce is a micro site that fronts a telephone network support service. It is built in HTML using the Photoshop slice function, something I’ve never been that keen on but works quite well in this example. I spent ages trying